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Primal Exhibition

Primal was an exhibition featuring wooden sculptural works produced by Scottish artist Kirsty Dalton. This line is based on traditional methods of hand carving and primitive nature, focusing on bold shapes merged with intricate detail burnt in by hand. The approach was purely instinctive; or primal; aiming to capture the essence of prehistoric art combined with more contemporary ornamentation.

Dalton’s first solo exhibition was a result of her yearlong internship with the arts collective Tin Roof. The Forestry Section (Dundee City Council) donated the Cedarwood, as part of a bigger project of new sculptural works, which were given to Camperdown Park Dundee once the Primal Exhibition finished.

The Forestry Section wishes to promote and support young artists that live in Dundee whilst contributing to the community and helping to create a more welcoming feel to the park. Adding a new exciting element of intrigue will hopefully result in more visitors, a greater sense of community and enable future creative projects and activities; such as a sculpture trail or the live creation of sculptures; to be conducted.

The wood used to create these works was ethical and locally sourced from Dundee’s Harris Academy when the remodeling was undertaken. It was important to Dalton and the Forestry Section for the wood to be sourced in an ethical way, particularly when working on it on such a large scale. This exhibition Happened in June 2016 at Tin Roof Dundee.

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